Thordunu Leppatuska
Thordunu Eyja x Rosi fra Husatoftum
"Elsie" also known as Little Miss Sunshine and
the Cutie Patootie ( she will answer to this) is an
absolute joy.  We cannot thank Sigurlaug
Hauksdottir of Thordunu kennels in Iceland
enough for the opportunity to add her to our
family.  She is my Best Girlfriend.

Elsie is an absolute delight, she is an incredibly
bright and determined little girl, whose greatest
desire is to be with us whether it be working or
just hanging out.  She is all about herding the
sheep and has handled a group of rams on her
own and  works very well in tandem with another
dog.  She also loves agility work and just eats up

When coming home we are always greeted by a
big toothy, crinkle up her nose up kind of  grin.  
Elsie has a lot of opinions and is not afraid to
share them with us.  She really does try to
communicate her needs with us more than the
others and she is pretty darn good at it.  She has
a real sense of humor and is our little clown.  The
house seems empty when she's not around!   
That says a lot when my house seems empty.  
She has the biggest personality of all our dogs!

Elsie has a real competitive streak and we joke
that  pretty much shows herself at Conformation
Competitions.  She has strutted her stuff to Best
Bitch, Best of Breed, and Best of Herding Group
awards.  She's earned  International and National
Championship titles as well as a Championship
in Conformation with the United Kennel Club and
has earned points in the AKC.  
Thordunu Leppatuska "Elsie" was named for one of the daughters of Gryla, an Ogress who is also the
mother of the Jolasveinarnir - "The Yule Lads"  These 13 mischievous Lads begin descending from their
mountain home on December 12th.  Since Elsie and her sisters were born on December 21st, while the
Yule Lads were making their visits, Silla, her breeder in the spirit of the season named the four girls after
some of the daughters of Gryla.  To learn more about
Gryla or the Jolasveinarnir follow the highlighted

Below is a poem where Gryla is calling her children as the "Christmas Pot" has begun to boil, notice our
Leppatuska is among them.

Grýla kallar á börnin sín

Grýla kallar á börnin sín,
þegar hún fer að sjóða
til jóla:
"Komið þið hingað öll til mín,
ykkur vil ég bjóða,
Leppur, Skreppur,
Lápur, Skrápur,
Langleggur og Skjóða,
Völustakkur og Bóla."

Í annarri gamalli þulu eru talin upp nítján Grýlubörn:

Grýla kallar á börnin sín
þegar hún fer að sjóða til jóla:
Komið þið hingað öll til mín,
Nípa, Típa,
Næja, Tæja,
Nútur, Kútur,
Nafar, Tafar,
Láni, Sláni,
Leppur, Skreppur
Loki, Poki,
Leppatuska, Langleggur
og Leiðindaskjóða,
Völustakkur og Bóla.

Heimild: Rit Árna Björnssonar og Vísnabókin