Fox Meadow Thorra Bylur
Fox Meadow Thorra Bylur has recently returned to the
USA from Great Britain.  He is a delightful tempered
dog, with lovely conformation.  He had his hips tested
while in Britain, using their scoring system they are
equivalent to OFA Good.  His eyes were tested again
upon re-entering the USA in 2017 and are recorded
Normal with OFA.

Bylur is co-owned with Jason and Jeri Ann Cook, he
now resides in my home state of Connecticut and is
available for stud.  Bylur's pedigree has been evaluated
for mean kinship in relation to the rest of the population
and he has a score of 18.5.  This means he is considered
to be among the most genetically unique of the breed,
adding to the breed's genetic diversity

Bylur enjoying his first Icetoberfest
Photos courtesy of Jenifer Brimmer