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Meadow Flower Honey
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The Honey Bee
apis mellifera

The Honey bee is not Native to North America but was
imported by European colonists in the early settlement of
the United States.   Honey bees around the world are
essential for the pollination of crops.

In the 1980's a microscopic mite was inadvertently
introduced to the United States bee population.  The
varroa mite has decimated wild bee populations and has
severely threatened managed colonies.  With the
knowledge that this essential creature to the world's
agricultural system was in danger we have joined in the
attempts to keep them safe by adding a few colonies of
our own.  

The Busy Bees of Fox Meadow Croft.... all ladies by the
way... work diligently to pollinate the crops and fruit trees
around the farm and those surrounding it all summer
long.  The fruits of their labors is their very special blend
of what we term as Meadow Flower Honey.  Each slightly
different every year depending on what is available to
them, all of their blends have  received rave reviews!

Our honey is bottled raw and lightly filtered to allow
minute pollen particles that are present naturally to
remain.  This is of particular benefit to allergy suffers, by
taking a teaspoon of locally produced honey everyday
prior to allergy season, a tolerance to those pollens which
are most irritating can be achieved.  This will help alleviate
the effect of the offending pollens on the allergy sufferer

Other Medical Benefits of honey are :

In diabetic ulcers

Topical honey has been used successfully in a
comprehensive treatment of diabetic ulcers when the
patient cannot use other topical antibiotics

Nutraceutical effects

Antioxidants in honey have even been implicated in
reducing the damage done to the colon in colitis.

For throats

Honey has also been used for centuries as a treatment for
sore throats and coughs, and according to recent
research may in fact be as effective as many common
cough medicines.
Mixed with lemon juice and consumed slowly, honey coats
the throat, alleviating discomfort. The antibacterial and
antiseptic properties of honey aid in healing sore throats
and laryngitis.

In baking it has the same relative sweetness and adds
moisture and easily replaces sugar.  It imparts a wonderful
flavor and improves texture of the baked  goods.

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