The Christmas Carol Litter
Fox Meadow's Christmas Carol Litter

Thordunu Leppatuska X Isi Kaffisukkolathi
bn. 12/26/2007

Jolasveinn, Bjolluhjlomar, Snaefinnur and Trommari
Santa Claus   Jingle Bell, Frosty the Snowman and the Little Drummer Boy

This litter being born the day after Christmas were named for some of our favorite
Christmas Carols.  Below are also links to Yule songs in Icelandic
''Alt Sem Ég Óska Mér'' - All I want for
Fox Meadow Trommari is living in
NY with 1/2 brother
Fox Meadow Kjartan Svartalfur
Fox Meadow Bjolluhjlomar aka
"Bjalla", lives in New York, working as
an Autism dog.