International / National - CH
Callicoon Rhiannon o' Fox Meadow

We are pleased to introduce out first Chinook,
Callicoon Rhiannon o' Fox Meadow call name

Rory was bred by Maria Scribner Sommer of
Callicoon Chinooks, NY and is co-owned by
Karen Hinchy of
Bashaba Chinooks of N.J.  The
Chinook was on my list of breeds that I was
researching before I started with Icelandics.  I
have always had the desire to do dog powered
sports and nearly 9 years later I fell in love with
a puppy picture and couldn't tell myself "no."

Rory has been a delightful addition to our
home, loving to take part in all the Icie games
they play, and is a total cuddle bug.  I think she
is absolutely beautiful.

At eleven months old she earned her
International and National Championship, we
hope to do fabulous things with her in the future!
Rory with her medals she was
awarded while earning her
International / National Championship
Really?  I'm best of
Rory at her first puppy match
Ror' at 5 weeks - the photo that captured my heart!
Rory and her new BFF Iseyjar Mjoll, Rory absolutely
loves puppies!
Rory at 18 months - she is so